Namola FP - 21

Protect Your Family By Turning Your Phone Into A Panic Button

Namola is the personal safety app your family can’t afford to be without. Download it for free here.

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mental Health

(Video) How do you know when you have a mental health condition?

Would you know if you were suffering from a mental illness and where you could access mental health care? Many of us are or have been...

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The New KFC Tower Crunch Burger

A Spicy Mini Fillet with a Tangy Dressing & Hashbrown

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sammy subu

This Guy’s Online Store Started As A Facebook Page

Soko Huru means free market in KiSwahili. Soko Huru is also an online store that connects buyers and sellers in Kenya. Founded in 2015 by...

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Dimensions Be damned: Is This The iPhone 8 Next To The iPhone 7?

Thanks to leaks surrounding the dimensions of Apple's forthcoming iPhone 8, designers have been able to picture the handset next to the iPhone 7...

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