Stream & Download: @MajorLeagueDJZ Ft @PatorankingFire @RikyRickWorld @KLYofficial – Do Better

Stream & Download: @MajorLeagueDJZ Ft @PatorankingFire @RikyRickWorld @KLYofficial - Do Better

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Heres one for the radio and for the world from Africa.
Since Major League dropped their first single The Bizness they’ve been constantly changing their sound over they years to align with their growth and the market interest. This song continues that awareness but not only for South Africa but globally. Its not the upbeat Slyza Tsostsi or S’Getit vibe but its more the laid back classic song that will probably be played years down and acknowledged as a distinct African collaboration of melodies,raps and beats. Enough from me though what are you thoughts do you think this is as refreshing as I think it is? Share

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