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The New TshWi-Fi Is Here!

TshWi-Fi has been a major success. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the service and to roll out Free WiFi in new areas. But expanding means that we need to make sure that the service is sustainable for the long-term.

Our vision has always been to make sure that you, the user, never has to pay for the cost of using TshWi-Fi. So we’ll be introducing a new model for Free WiFi that ensures a sustainable service without you incurring any costs.

How Does The New Model Work?

The first thing you’ll need to do is register to use Free WiFi. You’ll only need to register ONCE on your device and after that you’ll just be able to click to connect. No personal information will be passed on and your privacy will be protected.

tshwi-fi register 2

This is what the register page will look like

Also, there will be ads served during your TshWi-Fi browsing session. These will only be served as you move between different web pages and we’ll be making every effort to make sure these ads are as relevant as possible to you.

Tshwi-fi ads 2

And here’s what the ads that pop up as you browse will look like

Why The Change?

We need to create a sustainable, long-term plan for Free WiFi. In order to do this we want to bring brands on board to be part of the incredible success story of Africa’s biggest public Free WiFi network. They’ll have a way to reach you, the user, and you won’t have to worry about ever losing access to Free WiFi.

The new TshWi-Fi is currently being rolled out in phases across Free Internet Zones in Tshwane

OK, Sounds Great. But I’ve Got Questions…

No problem. We understand that you might have questions about the system change. We want this to be a win-win situation, so if you have any queries or issues, please contact [email protected].

We are looking forward to expanding Free WiFi to the rest of the city and giving you more access to the jobs, education and socially inclusive content on the internet.

60 thoughts on “The New TshWi-Fi Is Here!

  1. Tshegofatso Mathabe Reply

    Greetings to the team.

    I am yet to use the new system so some of the following comments may not be relevant.

    The need for funding to cater for the service’s growth and sustainability is understandable, but the edition of a register device system is questionable.

    It is my personal believe that the implementation of the new register system and addition of advertising can not coexist without compromising a user’s personal information. With that in mind, I recommend bringing in local small businesses through location based advertising to add to your current and future funding scheme. This will ensure the promotion of SMEs and establish Tshwi-WiFi as a go-to digital marketing platform.

    Thank you for the service.

  2. Lesedi Reply

    I quote the article : “We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the service and to roll out Free WiFi in new areas.”

    Hey,why not roll out free WiFi at our local parks here in Mamelodi West,Sun Valley? Other than that the service has improved greatly over the past years,and the downtime has been minimized and the speed is fantastic…so bravo! (clapping hands)

    I quote the article : ” You’ll only need to register ONCE on your device and after that you’ll just be able to click to connect.”

    1. Okay..uh..aren’t public free WiFi hotspots supposed to use an open authentication system?
    2. I’m using a laptop to access TshWi-Fi,so how does that process work for me?
    3. What’s stopping one person from using my D.O.B and my phone number on a different device to access my share of the TshWi-Fi?
    4. What if some dude had 4 mobile phones with different phone numbers,doesn’t that mean that he would have an access of 2gigs a day?

    My solution : None. Authentication and a public free WiFi are a paradox. Open authentication is the way to go…

    I quote the article again : “Also, there will be ads served during your TshWi-Fi browsing session. These will only be served as you move between different web pages and we’ll be making every effort to make sure these ads are as relevant as possible to you.”

    1. I don’t have a issue with ads in general,but they become irritating when your web browser is redirected every time you visit a page. I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that.
    2. Explain to me how “Dakota Music & Electronics” is relevant to me?… I dare you to contrive a good lie. \(^_^)/

    My solution : Host the ads on your website. I don’t have any qualms or any objections with that.

    In conclusion;I’m just sharing my thoughts so don’t be upset with me ;)…and by the off chance that you’re upset,just watch a video of Han Solo dancing!

  3. Mduduzi Reply

    Won’t you guys try to maybe put a single Hotspot per street because people are getting robbed near schools etc… So maybe if people try to use the wifi in the safety of their own home it would reduce the crime…

  4. Linley Reply

    Good Day

    Thank you for the upgraded WiFi; however the old WiFi was much better as I cannot go into the websites as I previously did before.
    I am experiencing alot of errors and the WiFi just pauses while one is still busy surfing

    Would appreciate it if you could look into this as it it rather annoying surfing this way

    Other than this I have no complaints regarding your services

  5. Bridget Reply

    good evening team tshwifi WiFi i would like to say bravo for making us happy about da free wifi cos we are able t c so many things tht are hapening around da world but thes only one problem here.i think it would b more apriciatable if these wifi are everywhere as in like every streets so tht everyone can use da wifi even when they are indoors cos some kids spends almost da whole night in da streets n its not safe at comes first.but so far keep up da good work n God bless.thank u

  6. kefentse hope ngoetjana Reply

    We highly appreciate the free wi-fi it has been helpul for the most of us .

    Thank you

    Keep on doing the amazing work that the team of Tshwi-fi has been doing as it is a positive impact onto our our lives.

    #Tshwi-fi nothing but the best ✌

  7. Leodine Reply

    It is extremely difficult to go without cyber excess as avtertiary student. Having this wifi at my disposal on a daily bases is an amazing prevelage.
    I remain greatful. Thank you

  8. Mathlatse Reply

    Hi there.
    Thank you for the free WiFi…very helpful with school work and other personal things.
    The libraries are appreciated as well(But can we have 1 at Sns???Please)
    I don’t have a problem with the registration form,I have a problem with adverts that’s intervene every time I try searching something…either than that,everything is proper. Best way to avoid such invading our space would be putting flyers everywhere the is a tshwane WiFi since a lot of people attend OR take it easy on the adverts. At least 2x in 10 searches. (Kindly get back to me about that SNS LIBRARY.)

  9. Mr M.A. Msiza Reply

    It’s a great idea to have a free WiFi but in my location Rethabiseng it’s only accessible when you are at Clinic,Community Hall and Primary. You have to be at the certain spot.
    Can’t it be upgraded to cover more area. We don’t have to leave our houses to access the wifi.



  11. Bruce Mabena Reply

    The city of Tshwane is developing rapidly and hoping that other provinces will soon join the race whereby South Africa as a whole will be bright and developed so that the quality of learning/education can also improve.Thanks for the outrageous service

  12. Jeanett Reply

    Good Day

    I am not happy with the new free wifi.. the old one was the best, connecting with this new one is a struggle, infact we are hardly connected. Please improve your services


  13. Stan Reply

    Free wi-fi from City of Tshwane is great and delivers an excellent service. It worked well till you started with the ads. I understand that somebody have to pay for the service but maybe you should have your I.T team look into the problems that your ads are causing. When you go through web pages the ads pop up every now and then, but as soon as you want to go back it crash ,and i have to re-open my browser,,,,,very very annoying. And no ad-blocking can be activated. It simply don’t open the pages then. Great service,,,, but look into the issues that the ads are causing.

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